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Hi, and Welcome to The Health Sprout!

I’m Laura , a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about helping you become the best version you can be! I understand that everyone has different needs depending on your current health state, resources, cultural background, and life stage. I love the diversity and aim to make healthy eating and living accessible and realistic for all, not to mention delicious and educational. 

So excited to have you here! 





My intention with facilitating workshops is to empower individuals with knowledge regarding health and wellness so they can take actionable steps to improve their health, and to do so in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment


Nutrition Consultations

Taking a holistic approach to health, I keep in mind your physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural background. We will discuss your health concerns, identify your goals and what is most important to you, and I will design a personal, realistic, and customizable protocol which you can follow and enjoy! Supplements may be recommended as well as lifestyle modifications


Online Services

More on this soon! Exciting projects are being worked on where I can offer services online, therefore being able to reach a greater audience and benefit more people who may not be able to attend workshops or consultations due to either mobility issues or geographical distances